What is DONE!?

What is DONE!? Well, exactly what the name promises: we listen, roll up our sleeves and then we act. We are a consulting company that actually “does” not just “plans”. People are our core business. We deliver quality outcomes and then say: „Friends, it‘s done!“.

Choose well – because everything starts and ends with people.

This has been our core expertise for more than 15 years in various companies, at all possible different positions and stages. Whether your business focuses on growth or efficiency or both, we consult all questions of process and organisational development, whilst always maintaining a sustainable, unorthodox, professional and empathetic point of view.

We built Airbnb from day one in Europe, we grew N26 from 50 to 700 people and we accompanied infarm when they really ramped up their operations and internationalisation – next to other amazing corporations.

What do all these clients have in common? Back then they weren‘t big names yet, but we already saw the potential and helped shape unicorn company cultures. They don’t just happen by magic, people are behind them: and we’re part of those people.

We believe that the new decade will offer many different challenges compared to the past one, and we are more than ready to etch another “Golden 20s“ into the history books. We have our core expertise in team composition and recruitment, sustainable growth consulting, organisational strategy, and very efficient administration. Absolutely everything you need as framework for steady revenue streams and business on purpose.

We are committed to leveling-up the playing field and educating our clients. Thus, we jump in only on topics we really know and where we also have a proven track record, as well as the latest science and research. If we do not know a topic, we for sure have an awesome partner company we are cooperating with over years already and are happy to connect you if needed.

The DONE!-way is always a bit different than other ways – but you’ll get solutions and this you‘ll learn very fast. Nothing’s impossible with the right kind of help.