2405, 2022

Elina: Best Practices Of Working Remote

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How does working remotely work when you're traveling? Our colleague Elina has gathered a lot of valuable experience in this regard and gives cool advice in her employee portrait on how remote work can be successful under these circumstances and what it takes.

1412, 2021

HR Challenge: Improve Your Retention Rate

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What is the biggest challenge for HR departments next year? A positive retention rate. Why? Because the willingness of employees to change jobs is quite high at the moment. Therefore, companies need to improve their retention rates to secure a productive workforce in 2022. Our MD Marie explains how to.

2402, 2021

Lifelong Learning: Out Of The Box Solutions

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We need to look for realistic ways to integrate lifelong learning into our lives. That’s why it is so important that lifelong learning will become a natural part of our daily work life and of our vita. Our tip is to break the rules and think out-of-the-box. Here are a few ideas from us: