1309, 2022

Panos: Today A Feel Good Management Is Essential

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Who needs a feel good manager and a strategy for happiness among employees? Probably most companies. Because many employees are in a state of "Quite Quitting," of being dissatisfied and unhappy. Our colleague Panos knows a lot about countermeasures and how to implement a Feel Good Factor Strategy.

2308, 2022

Sofia: Agility Is A Must-Have For Our Clients

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Permanent change and high competitive pressure require shorter innovation cycles, unique products and services. Therefore, companies need to be agile to master these constant challenges. And that transformation starts with HR. It should be the first department to change its self-image and become agile to drive changes from inside with success.

607, 2022

The Formula For Skills Shortage: Diversity And Inclusion

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Digital transformation and the IT skills shortage offer unimagined opportunities for diversity and inclusion. At first, this sounds illogical. But if companies rethink and implement a paradigm shift in recruiting, they can succeed. Job postings and application processes must be redefined and inclusion programs must be integrated. The focus should lie on diversity, equality and accessibility.

2806, 2022

Veena: When A Holding Tackles Digitalization

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Our colleague Veena and her team are responsible for the technical and end-to-end recruitment at Knauf Digital. Read more about how she has managed the challenge in building up a team from scratch in an industry and a job market, where digital talents are highly in demand.

2405, 2022

Elina: Best Practices Of Working Remote

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How does working remotely work when you're traveling? Our colleague Elina has gathered a lot of valuable experience in this regard and gives cool advice in her employee portrait on how remote work can be successful under these circumstances and what it takes.

1412, 2021

HR Challenge: Improve Your Retention Rate

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What is the biggest challenge for HR departments next year? A positive retention rate. Why? Because the willingness of employees to change jobs is quite high at the moment. Therefore, companies need to improve their retention rates to secure a productive workforce in 2022. Our MD Marie explains how to.