Customized Squads

DONE! provides custom market solutions delivered by effective squads of specialized industry experts and top-tier consultants. Understanding the challenges your business faces enables us to devise the right approach and to implement solutions tailored to the size, stage and industry of your business. Need help for two weeks? We can do that. Need to build a large team from scratch, we can also do this.

Short-term Consulting

Many companies do not require full consulting services, but simply an opinion. Deploy a DONE! consultant to complete mission-critical projects on time, with efficiency and expertise. In these instances, we offer a pre-paid ticket for 10 questions (a max. 1 hour), valid for use within one year of purchase, at any time.

Full Cost Control & Transparency

Our agile consulting services have no extra costs. We work on an hourly basis with no contract commitment or notice periods for our clients. So you can start, pause or finish our services at any time. We still value trust and honesty and can work on a gentlemen’s agreement, but of course are ready to sign contracts and NDAs if preferred.

Agile Consulting Solutions

Talent Acquisition
First of all, we are not headhunters. This means we won’t just throw a few CVs over the fence and then collect the cash. We develop planned and long-lasting relationships with our clients, which are efficient, sustainable and are ultimately based on the client’s satisfaction. We operate as consultants and show you how to find teams so that you can do it better yourself next time.

People Operations
With DONE’s curated team of experts, you will find the best way to make tough decisions and deal with the challenge of turning plans into action. We can get started and hit the ground running: that is to say that we can train on the job, whilst also leaving our best practices in the company. This allows companies to easily minimize leave-based disruptions. Accessible help, when you need it!

Organization Design
We support you to lead positive organisational change by creating the structures which best fits your strategy and your people! Due to our experiences as “Change Professionals”, we are perfectly positioned to reshape internationally well-known organisations, by implementing new strategies which enhance your strategic impact, as well as your knowledge of organisational development.